The performance “Sleep” came from the idea of public napping in big cities. 

Napping in public spaces is a phenomenon that has been disregarded despite the fact that we all have experienced or witnessed people having a nap in the park during their lunch break or in public transport or during a play.

Almost a third of our lives are spent in sleep. It doesn’t take a lot of skill or hard work to sleep and it can easily be denoted as an instinctive rather than a conscious action. Sleep nonetheless varies drastically from person to person, from circumstance to circumstance. Everyone has their own patterns, which in turn change according to surrounding conditions, and these are worth exploring.

The idea was for the audience to walk through an improvised choreography of sleep. From extended stillness to the foetal position, the bodies of the performers would feature only the slightest movements. The unified effect would create a sort of subtle wave of bodies: a human landscape within the gallery space.

I get inspired by people and their stories. I love observing the human behaviour.


You can’t really define it. Art is a form of expression, where the one who conceives it aims to either simply express, communicate or just react to a subject of matter. A good artist in every generation is someone sets interesting questions and provokes the audience to think and see differently. I’m not interested in the importance of Art in today’s or in yesterday’s society. I care about people. I care about the humanity. And humans can feel stronger, engage wider and think more open thanks to any form of art. Do what you love. Don’t limit yourself in order to be liked or accepted. Never take “no” for an answer.

I studied Fine Arts and I worked for many years next to other brilliant artist. And it wasn’t long ago that I’ve decided to find my own voice and see my ideas coming to reality.

It’s a very busy year for me with 2 exciting residencies on the way. Residencies are a good opportunity to take some time to develop my work conceptually and to push my practice further.

Moreover I have three exhibitions coming up. I’m making an installation for the Other Art Fair in London, in October and I’m taking part in a group show organized by MtArt during Frieze Week. The year will close with a project in San Francisco and an exhibition in Miami. 

Exhibitions 2016

Sleep, part of "I'm NOT tino sehgal" project by F. Bonami, Nahmad Projects, June 2016, London - Souls & Shadows, "Hyperion" Group Exhibition, New York Frieze Week, May 2016, New York // Designers Lights, Creaid / Charity Auction, Athens One, April 2016, Athens // Concrete Matters, CASS // Whitechapel Gallery Graduate Programme, March 2016, London // Abstract Art, Brick Lane Gallery, Group Show, February 2016, London // Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Foundation, 2016, London


HOF & Surface Residency, Bangkok, September 2016 // Eastside International, Pasadena Arts Council, Los Angeles, November - December 2016


ArtSlant Prize Showcase 2016 | Shortlisted Sculpture Category (3rd Round) // ArtExhibeo Art Competition on "Memory" | 1st Prize, April 2015

My studio is in London, where I’m always happy to welcome people who want to have a studio visit.