Young and Gorgeous

Young and Gorgeous

I wanted to make some huge project to test my organisation skills. As usual - I made a clear plan of posing and I felt like a conductor of a small orchestra during the shooting. That feeling is amazing. I looked through lots of editorials on Pinterest to realise - what exactly I want to get. I think that is the most important part - an original photo is a well - organised one :)

I also learned how to find a replacement for a model in the last minute and to style the group shoot by the clothes in my wardrobe) And it was the first shot - when I was so impressed by the beauty of models - that I forgot how to breathe sometimes.

Art - is the meaning of my life. It is a way to express my style, mood and ambitions. Making people feel something, when they look at their work. A nice piece of art can bring you good memories, inspire you to try new projects, raise your spirit.

I adored fashion from the early childhood. I was blogging fashion editorials for a while and as I am very ambitious - I decided to make photographs by myself.

I`m trying to stand out, to be original. I don`t show the beauty of people - that is boring, I express my creativity by my shoots. I am self taught.



Photography styling and makeup: Nastya Polehyna  @polehynastya 

Models: Sanya Timan  @sanya_timan 
Mary Chas  @mary_chas090909 
Liza Kazaryan  @liameyshi