Abstracted Love

My artist pseudonym is Meredith Marsone, but I was born Meredith Featherstone. I live in New Zealand in a small portside town called Lyttelton overlooking a harbour and working port. Ive been painting for 20 years, on and off for many of those years but full time for the past 2 years. During this time my career has taken off. I think whenever we dedicate ourselves to something, wonderful and unexpected things can happen. Thats definitely true for me! In the last twelve months Ive had two solo shows, one in NZ and one in Sydney, Ive contributed paintings to 15 group shows in 8 different galleries across the States and in NZ. Its been a terrifically busy and productive time and theres no sign of slowing!

Every day after school I would draw, colour and design things. Its been a part of my self expression since I was old enough to finder paint so it was a very natural progression for to go to art school. I guess I never 'wanted' to be an artist. I just am one.

Im really disciplined and dedicated to what i do. That is a skill you have to develop, or at least decide is important to your practice, because it takes stamina to maintain. Even when I don't 'feel' like creating, I'll do things that inspire me to keep going and I'll soon be in a state of flow again. 

I like to juxtapose realism with abstraction, using both modes of expression to create emotive and complex paintings. I use a palette knife frequently in the application of the abstract paintwork and the realistic elements of my work are painstakingly and faithfully rendered. 

Abstracted Love

I think it's really important as an artist to share your own experiences through your work. 'Abstracted Love' is born of my experience of growing my intimate relationship which has been the most important and rewarding journey of my life. There are so many aspects to relationships that are under-discussed. For example, the very real fact that your partner/husband/wife is there to hold a less than glamorous mirror up for you to see the parts of yourself that need growth/healing/accepting/addressing in some way. If you don't accept this to be true, you'll deem your relationship 'broken' or your partner 'not right for you' when you hit each others sore spots.  Nothing's broken. You just need to work through your own shit in order to be a better version of yourself. And so does your counterpart. Thats what relationships are- people growing machines. I just want to contribute in some way to dispelling the Hollywood notion of the 'perfect' relationship. Because I know how many times, through refusing to see my own destructive patterns, I wanted to give up on this relationship. And that would have been a tragedy. Because now, having done the work on myself, growing into a better 'me', I have never been happier or more content.

The concept for this show is still percolating away, Im on the edge of the breakthrough for it! This is an inevitably frustrating time, the birthing of new ideas, pushing your limitations and wanting to produce the best work of your career! No pressure! But actually its an exciting time too full of potential to be tapped. Im really excited about this show. It will be my best and largest group of paintings yet.


An expression of an idea, thought or feeling through a sensory medium, created with an intention to connect with an audience. Its a way to share a part of yourself.


To open dialogues about what it is to be human. I think art has done this through the ages and it will continue to do so. 


To paint my truth, to share in the human experience and to connect with other people through meaningful art.

Lucian Freud said something to his students, along the lines of - Every time, make the painting you are working on the best painting you have ever made. I think of this advice often.