Almost Lovers

My name is Michael Krasuski, I'm a 24 year old polish artist living and working in Warsaw. Watercolours are my first love even though at start they were a little bit harsh for me. That water based medium is my base, but I also use acrylic paint, soft pastels and of course pencil. Most of the topics of my works are humans and nature. Fusion of those two themes is my favourite.

For me, art is simply the overflow of emotions on paper, canvas, wood or any other material. Art is a piece of the artist settled in time carrying some emotional state, a piece of the heart or soul of man.

Nowadays art is connected directly with social media. In my opinion art now isn't only some piece of work that you collected and set in your house, but something that you can share with other people, show your emotion and most important make some statement or send some message into the world.

I've started my journey with drawing and painting for seriously six year ago. I begin preparing myself for exam from Urban Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. After that my plans have changed and I've started study Environmental Engineering. I gave up on the urban planning and focused on the human form. 

My style? I'm still creating it. I like to exploit the possibilities of the medium. Most of the time I try creating something light and simple that look effortless. I love details and I spent a lot of time at them even though most of them are inconspicuous. Most of my works are a bit weird and creepy at least that what says my friends.

Usually a new projects start in my current state of emotion. Anger, sadness, happiness and excitement. There I begin. After emotion come a idea, some kind of shape that let me express my scream of joy or  desperation. Most of my work contains human's face. I always start with eyes, they're  a mirror of tremor people's heart. Line after line and stroke after stroke. I never have a full vision of finished work. The final result is always a surprise and that's what I love in creating something new. 

The biggest influence at me to become an illustrator had my parents that had never learn drawing and still they can create an amazing things. But the spark to my nowadays works was a italian artist Agnes Cecile. I had started trying her way of creation and after a while I began creating my own style. The artists that I look up to are mainly others polish creators. We sharing ours works with each other, comment on our process, learn from each other and looking for inspiration together.

I find inspiration everywhere and everyday, not all day, but every day. In most simply daily thing and behavior, in people I pass in the street or bus, in people that are close to my and my heart. I'm very empathic so emotions of my friends and family are also my emotions. I inspired by nature, by changes of world and season. Inspiration is practically everywhere where you look, but you need to want to see.


True colors was inspired by my friend that came out the closet. It was a brave and hard decision to make. 

Cold crown a celebration of losing someone that have never been worth my concern.

Wonderland I created after ending a difficult relationship that honestly was my first longer relationship. My heart was breaking cuz I had no strength anymore to fight with my other half drug addiction .

Rooting for you was a simply cry for some attention from someone who I had sacrificed for.

Slipping out I painted after a fight with my friend where he said a one word too much.

Twilight is about never unfulfilled desire and lust.

The best piece of advice I ever heard is that while you creating something new, never think about framing it. Sometimes a final results are good or better, but still it's your art and your design.

My personal motto is "I'm still blooming". My ultimate goal as an illustrator is creating something everlasting, leave truly piece of my soul in my work of art.