COLLA(rt)GE was an editorial produced in record time by this amazing crew. As soon as I was approached by BLCN magazine we only had a couple of days to manage everything. The ‘Art Issue’ was an incredible coincidence since I was taking pictures in several artists’ ateliers to an exhibition’s catalogue. I was so eager to work with paintings, collages and this kind of stuff again, so it was an excellent opportunity.

We had this crew which was working all together for the first time and we had the greatest time. It has just clicked. In this particular shoot I had to change my usual way of working on the final image. I’ve spent extra time on post editions which is not always the case in my photography.

Our generation is under the ‘been there, done that’ stigma. We’re living the cut-copy-paste culture and what makes an artist sets apart it’s one’s capacity to digest references and make them something new and current. Everybody has a unique vision and therefore we are all capable of accomplishing different results.

My name is Nayana Mamede. I’m a 27-year-old Brazilian photographer. I’m graduated in Visual Arts and I’ve taken some free courses to help me start my career in photography. One of the most exciting moments I’ve already have on my path was when a selection of my pictures was chosen by FFW (Brazil), to map our national street style. I’ve never been the stereotypical photographer who used to fool around with cameras as a kid. I’ve always been into fashion and images but photography wasn’t my career of choice. I started working as a graphic designer and I realised that taking photos would be interesting since it was a market opportunity back then because a lot of my clients needed pictures for their ads.

Brazilian art scene is extremely rich. Art comes natural to our people and everybody is involved in some sort of cultural expression such as music, fine arts, dance, etc. Our continental dimension makes every region has its own aesthetics which keeps us going to amazingly different directions when it comes to artistic expressions. My city has an interesting cultural background and it’s no different from the pluralistic Brazilian vision of art. Being an artist in Brazil is bittersweet – we have so much potential but several artists can’t support themselves financially so art is often taken as a hobby.

I don’t think I’ve settled on one particular style. I keep on searching for it actually. Perfection was once my goal, but that was probably more suitable to advertising and commercial photography. They require that from you – a perfect lightning, edition, etc. Nowadays, I’m looking for a specific expression instead of paying too much attention to the technique per se. I was so critical that I’ve quite often thought about quitting photography for good. But I gladly realized I’m unable to please everyone. And I don’t have to.

I don’t make plans really. I’m looking for a purpose in my work, developing my own language and, ever since I have taken this approach to my career, amazing things have happened. I guess it took off a lot of pressure so it got way better and more fun. I want to work more, especially with nice and creative brands that bring a good concept to the table. I believe this is the only way to break some rules and shake the fashion industry a little.


Nayana Mamede


Rodrigo Azevedo


Ingryd Lamas (Valentina Produtora)


Clara Devitta


Vargas - Romaniffy - Stylist collection