I am Xia Geer, 41 years old. I'm based in Taipei City. I've never attended any art related courses, totally sale-training. I started self studying on everything about photography in 2010 and practicing post production as well. So far, there are no awards being given. My images are now sold through agencies in the US, the UK and Singapore. I give photography courses to people who attempt to becomeprofessional photographers or people who are interested in making image art. To be honest, I am not a so-called artist in the art field in Taiwan,  therefore, I know very little about the art scene here. 

My definiton of art is "being in struggle." Art is great comfort for human beings, for healing people. My inspiration comes from everything in daily life. I try to focus on what I am doing.

We are a group of fanatics who love a filmmaker, so rambled create their own world of imagination. Each creation is like expecting the birth of a new life, because the creation of so alive.

I used a new method is called meditation, it allows me to settling intension image creation. We use very much material to show our work, with material properties to the performance of creative elements.

Basically there are too many images in my mind and I am so eager to find inspiration in my living experiences. They are waiting for me to carry them out in the future


Deconstruction-1 / Futurism-2/ Surrealism-1

Make Up artist/Stylist: Vitas Ching Wen Lu

 Hair Stylist: 胡峰瑋 / Oka Hu Hair Stylist


Make Up artist/Stylist : 陳芃 Aaliyah Chen

Hair Stylist: 葉威廉 / William Yeh


Make Up artist/Stylist : 陳芃 Aaliyah Chen

Hair Stylist: 袁維妮 / Winnie Winny


Make Up artist/Stylist: 陳芃 Aaliyah Chen

Hair Stylist: 張迦淣 Olivia

Assistant Cameraman: 卓爾群 Max

Eva LI

Film Editor: 劉倍維 David Liu