Definitely Not Picasso

What makes a good artist is his creative ability and effort to do something new.

In "Definitely Not Picasso" you will see the name is self-contradictory because it's not only cubism from Picasso. I mix the era of arts; there are Neo-Expressionism and Modern Art that I really love. I use my graphic design and photography skills. Thank you to the makeup artist, stylist, designer and my assistant who all made this editorial possible.

In Bangkok people nowadays are more interested in art. The time has changed; you will see in their lifestyle, music genre, more creative events and a crowd in the art market in Bangkok. Art for me is a lifestyle - It's who you are, what you think and how you feel.

I try something new that I ever do more colorful before so I think in this editorial, it an expression of sadness and confusion. I'm not ignoring my signature dark and edgy style but I put another emotion in the picture that differs from my other works - overall there still is that dark touch.

The Artist that I love is Edvard Munch, I really love the painting from Expressionism and Neo Expressionism. I think he's my inspiration in doing editorials nowadays.

-Effort won't betray you.

Jiraphong Bank Srijunyanont


Stylist : @ph8l

Model : Saša Zorzić

Make up and Hair : @Irinamake1

Designer : @beaupacha