Eternal Shining of Seoul

Eternal Shining of Seoul

I constantly travel in search of new visual images and aesthetics. It's an endless process of getting out of the boundaries of a photographer's mind. My trip to Seoul was the inspiration by itself. It was my first visit to an Asian megapolis. I was impressed by the beauty of the Korean model which I found through Instagram. And I wanted to combine contemporary Korean beauty in this photo shooting - appearance of the model, style and architecture. I chose a modern architectural complex which is called Dondemun. As I love to improvise, I used only available light - coming from commercial light boxes, from the buildings, etc. All is total improvisation.

My style is being unexpected. Even I never know what will be the result of the photo shooting.

And I love this feeling.

The model who's name is Sang In Kim was only starting her career one year ago, and now her pictures are being taken in the best Asian magazines and she got into the top of the "Asian Super Model" reality show. I love to search new faces and watch the way they grow. It's my endless experiment.

I want to start a new project, a photo performance called "Colouring the World". The idea is to collect groups of crazy people in wild places, all of them naked, and to paint everything around: trees, rocks, fields. I have no idea what will come out of it, but I get inspired by the process itself.

Art is something that nobody ever expected. It is something that can bring you out of your comfort zone and excite your mind tired of everyday worries.

Even if you didn't understand anything.

I work and realise various projects all over the world. For me travelling and photography always go together and cannot fall apart. Don't be afraid and try to realise everything that comes to your mind.


Model SangIn Kim @sanginkim987

Assistants Sujin Jeong & Irina Baranova @lionfish2008