Pink Fire

I'm Sacha Vatkovic, 37, Serbian but born and based in Paris. Studied French cuisine and worked a little bit as a chef. After a few years, I decided to change my life andstart as studio assistant in Studio ELLE (studio of the french magazine ELLE) and worked there few months to pursue my passion in photography. After that, I moved to the Studio Rouchon Paris which is one of the best and biggest studios in Paris. I worked there for 9 years with many different photographers as a photo assistant. I started with French Vogue and after forVogue UK, US, German, Spain, Japan... and magazines like ELLE, Numero, Flair, Muse, Jalouse and many more. I also worked few years on Cartier's international campaign. I had a wonderful opportunity to work for a few days as photo assistant of David Lynch for a photoshoot and with the sweet Sarah Moon.

For the last two years I've been working as a beauty photographer. I love brining out the emotions from someone – be it good or bad. I love girls, flowers, old colours, the past, moves and vibes. I seek inspiration in the nature for colours. For sure, photographers who I love like Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi or Nick Knight are somewhere in my brain, but it can be something I saw in the street or on the internet, or just from my brain. In general, when I'm searching for any inspiration I never find it. It just comes naturally. 

The shoot was my first collaboration with Samuel Ruffin-Hendrix, so it's a nice souvenir. It was also the first time I did that lighting -  a kind of daylight made in a studio. It was a new way of working for me.

Art is another way to say something - to say something without words, but with the feelings. Something deep inside your brain, close to religion even if I'm not really religious, but in God's way. Lot of people believes in God, but nobody saw God. So, art is close to that for me. I can't give you a real definition, because it's a feeling, and that feeling, I think, is different for all of us. But for sure, for me, to be an artist you have to create and have something to say. I think every real artist (who create) is born an artist even if he or she started with it when he or she is 60 years old. It was just somewhere inside the body and it come in a good moment of your life.

You can learn many things, but nobody can teach you how to live with all of the people speaking in your head. I've got many people in my head, speaking at the same time and it's even difficult for me to know what to do with them. So, when I say, "I'm creating", I'm maybe just showing to my audience what they say.

For me, a good artist is somebody who create something new. Something nobody has seen before and that's really hard today. But if an artist can transmit to you that feeling what he had or create a strong emotion from you, then hes a good artist.

Art gives you dreams and makes people dream, it helps you feel free and happy and helps you think and add some color in your life.