The Elementals

This editorial is my homage to the four primary elements. I wanted to acknowledge their importance to our existence as humans, so I created beings that embody various aspects of each element.

This concept came to me in a time when I was rediscovering varying elements of my spirituality and what it means to be a human. At the time I was also studying historical paintings and noticed how many of the works had references to and iconography from organised religions. I wanted to utilise that same concept: to pay homage to what I believe in.  

This was the first shoot that took ten weeks to actually complete. With this project I had to figure out how to take such a broad concept and consolidate it down to its bare elements and do it in a uniform fashion. I collaborated with sculptures, painters, body artists, and jewellery designers to pull the looks together and transform the model into 4 distinct variants.

I would describe my style as being dark, moody, editorial and infused with elements of fine arts and painting. Right now my goals are to focus on my work and continue to create imagery that not only keeps me interested, but also captivates my viewers. I also plan on traveling more and making bigger and better connections in the industry. My goal is to take my vision and merge it with that of major brands like Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, and Balmain.


My interest in photography began when I realized my modeling career wasn’t going to get very far. I had difficulties with the agency I signed with, I couldn’t afford the photographers I wanted to work with, and I just didn’t like keeping up with a fitness regime. So one day I borrowed one of my friend’s cameras and I started photographing my peers. I found that I was able to live and model vicariously through the subjects I shot. After photographing my friends and beginning to work my way into photographing models I finally started to shape myself into someone who even I wanted to work with. It took a whole lot of time, a whole lot of missteps, and lots of bad critiques, but I am pleased with the progress that I have made thus far, and I am interested to see where I end up. 


I consider art to be an outward manifestation of a person’s ideas. In today’s generation, where everything is mobilised and instant, a good artist is someone who knows the technical, historical and creative aspects of their craft. Someone who is willing to dedicate time, money, and their life to creating work. A good artist constantly aspires to take their work to the next level and has so many ideas in their head, they can barely sleep at night.

One thing I dislike about art in this day and age is the bureaucratic system in which its nearly impossible for young artist to enter into. Whether is gallery based fine arts, or fashioned based commercial work, it’s pretty difficult to break into the inner circles that keep the major money and clients at bay.

Always be yourself, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It is important to be your own person. I often view my work through a very critical lens. Ive always known that If I want to make it in this industry I would have to make work that is marketable. I used to sit and look at different mainstream professionals for hours thinking,” How can I make my work look more like this, since this seems to be what’s selling.” It was mentally exhausting trying to conform to a box that I just couldn’t fit. It wasn’t until I came to the conclusion that; the only person I am good at being is myself, then I started to actually take off creatively and become truly satisfied with the way I shoot. Once you remove the pressure of competing, and comparing then you can thrive as an individual on your own course. 



Model - Skye Lin


Earthen Regalia - Thomas Fletcher


Metallic Cowl - Cotrice Addison

Water / Air

Body Artist - Rio Sirah