Vertigo is the bachelor collection of one of my closest friends from college, Lea. I’ve loved her sense of style ever since we met so I’ve always been excited to shoot her collections. This bachelor project had emotional value to Lea since she knew vertigo from personal experience. She created from the heart and turned it into art for others to see. This courage is something I admire and always try to find in myself as well. Lea and I know each other well so we had an easy time getting both our ideas for the best outcome on the same page. What was new to me was the slightly surreal, dizzy look she wanted. I got to experiment with perspectives, camera settings and light a lot, it was fun!


  1. The coolest way to show off.

  2. The best way to convey a message.
  3. Good on the eye.

My name is Silke. I’m 26 years old currently living in Germany, based in Stuttgart. I was never taught how to photograph, I kinda just started and from then on kept doing it. I actually studied fashion design for several years until I noticed what interested me most in the industry was the photography. I used to be a drawing artist. I’ve drawn ever since Kindergarden but at some point the images in my head, that I wanted to draw, became so detailed and real, instead of drawing or painting them, I wanted to just set the image in real life. It was all about turning the pictures in my head into a reality. Getting the final image as close as possible to the idea in my mind is a goal I still pursue during every shoot!

Fashion photography just naturally seems to align most with my imagination.

A big advantage was definitely having all my fellow students’ fashion lines to shoot with! I graduated in 2014 but still visit my old university regularly to shoot the student’s collections. Having tons of different clothes and moods to photograph made me very versatile and gave me loads of practice.


Silke Photo - @silkeschlotz

Fashion Design

Lea Bürkert - @leaevab

Hair & Make Up

Sinan Bilgi - @s.b.hair_makeup


Manuel Haas & Katharina Klaube