My real name is Dinh Hung but everybody knows me under the name JinHoon. I'm based in Saigon, but almost my bookings come from other countries (eg. Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Korea, China). My work is not only styling work, i am an art director, casting director and photoshoot producer. My latest art work and casting is Runway Model Search Asia 2017 held in Malaysia.

Fashion is my blood - when i was a child, i loved to wear nice things and take pictures with my family members. When i grew up, for living I've worked in the hotel industry but one day I realised, I can't waste my time anymore. It was time to fight for something I really loved. Then I quit my boring job in a 5 star hotel and started a new chapter in my life.

I began with posting and sharing all the fashion editorials on magazines I loved on facebook. And then, a young photographer asked me to join his team to do the photoshoot. This shot was all about male potrait with creative make up lay out. the images came out and we got a lot of good feedback. I had co-opreated with a lot of young photographer before i reached my #madeinvietnamteam. At first i worked without any fee, opportunity was just a learning time. I collected a lot of fashion magazines, fashion books from my friend or bought them myself. I was doing research on internet, fashion blogs, saving a lot of ideal concepts from famous photographer to my computer. Finally, i realise that I wanted to do something totally different to another stylist in Vietnam. I know k-culture wowed the world not only by music, drama series tv, but also in fashion. That's why I want to bring our Vietnamese culture into fashion with a new vision, young and fresh. And it's becoming the signature in my styling work.

Modern oriental is my style. I do love our culture so much, I love the energy of young people, love the lifestyle around me.... So I wonder how fashion shoots will be, if i bring it all into my concept. And I'll become one of the very first stylists to introduce culture and lifestyle via a fashion vision.

The story of the "Bad Romance" editorial is all about love. The sexy styling leads to the dramatic love, it's put in oriental place. The modern girls can choose her right man, the right man knows how to reach what the girls really wants. The message of this editorial is that women can control everything, even love.

The shoot is all about models. This is the very first time my editorial has many models who comes from different Asian countries. Heyyone from korea, Josh Yen and Danny woo from Malaysia, My Duyen from Vietnam. I love to work with asian models, for me they can deliver not only the perfect styling but also the true emotion via pose, feeling, eyes...

Nowadays Asia's major role in fashion is more and more developed. Many Asias countries bring their own culture into fashion which make itself becomes unique and diverse. K-Fashion has proved that Asia can wow the world.

Our fashion scene in my country is still young, but there's none stop improvement. The young and talent fashion creators are working harder to show the world that Vietnam can have it's own mark on the Asian fashion map.

I myself seek inspiration in Vietnamese culture, humans and their lifestyles around me. Anything, anyone can be my inspiration and my styling work is based on that.

My plan is to create my own art book, which introduces all my work as a stylist. I would love to introduce many talented models around Asia who i had the opportunity to work with. I want to introduce Vietnamese fashion and culture as well. In this art book, #supportlocalmodels & #supportasianmodels will be my main message.

My work is not only fashion styling, I work as a creative director as well. My ultimate goal is with my #madeinvietnamteam - we can build up the professional agency where we can support Vietnamese models, creative talents and guide them to work as professionals, and cleanse Vietnamese media by their true talent, not based on connections.

Always keep your eyes open, Keep watching. whatever you see can inspire you.

art and styling JINHOON @jojinhoon
photographer LAM MINH KHANG @lmk_studio
models HEYYEON of buttonsupmodels , JOSH YEN, DANNY WOO of runwaymodelagency MY DUYEN of runwaymodelsearch2017