My Drag name is “Miss Midlevels“, it's the place where I’ am residing in Hongkong, Im a makeup artist by day and  just being myself at night, and a drag queen in special events.

Honestly, there’s a fifty shades of drag , and it doesn’t just limit to the LGBT community , I know women and straight men who do drag, its the way to have fun but there are what we called “professional drag queens“, which they do it for a living, in my case being in drag is not just my way of escaping reality but it also allowed me to create a fantasy and visualised a dream, In my own way the process of doing drag is my transcendental meditation, it calms me, and Its a journey to me inner self and embracing who I am unconditionally.

I have been doing it for a long time, since I was residing in Cebu, but I didn’t know the term ‘drag queen” I used to perform in small towns and fiesta, and I stopped and focused with my professional career. Since I arrived in Hongkong I found my tribe of dragqueens, then and I didn’t know it was a huge and celebrated community. It is fun and exciting .  

When I used to live in the Middle East, where being a gay is considered a crime, we still did drag on a special event like birthday parties of holidays. But we did it inside a private place, like hotels or someone's apartments. One time while the party was on going, we got a bit too noisy and the neighbours reported it to the police and the cops came to inspect. We were so nervous and we removed our make up in 2 mins. We could have gone to jail if we got caught.


Its Massive! Its fast moving, you need to be in season with your fashion! Hongkong is the NewYork of Asia pacific! Art is great too! There’s a Hongkong art week and Art Basel in march and a lot of galleries and one of the biggest galleries in Europe and US has a branch in Hongkong so we got to see some famous paintings.


I'm in the process of creating a drag dance album, were are recording right now and we will do music videos hopefully. Well I’m just keeping this as it is, as long as I’m still having fun.

Photography: MATT PINKIAN @mattaesthetic

Hair and Makeup by: CHADY PANTALEON @chadwitch