John Yuyi (25) Taipei. exhibitions in NYC, paris & taipei. 

At the beginning I just thought it was a fun post, I was selling the temporary tattoos, I made them into a pattern, and then I started my swimsuit collection and I did a temporary tattoo post about social media to promote my page. Then in NYC I did a project called "face post", just for fun with my friend, and then it became more and more serious. It became a series.


I was in Tokyo. and I was pretty productive. and I never shot a guy, and I'm very into Japanese culture. And porn industry is famous. So I wanted to shoot a theme about the girls in AV industry. and I wanted to put the image on a guy.

Noodle piercings

When I saw the instant noodles on the table, I came up with that idea. so basically my ideas are from my daily life and observation.

Charger shoelaces

The idea of charger shoelaces project is when I was taking subway in NYC and I was watching the guy's shoes sitting in front of me.


provide a different culture scene to major fashion world.


small market. taiwanese style. and low pay. difficult to survive.


Fashion inspiration... i think still on instagram, hahaha.


secret <3 I'm looking forward too! And also I wanna do a project about "face".


Just getting used to the fact that people call me an artist. So I don't know yet.


if you ain't got what you want doesn't mean you won't get it in the future.