Kalinaw sa Sidlakan

Kalinaw sa Sidlakan

Asia is the light and salt of the art world. It's one thing that makes me proud of being an Asian artist actually. Looking at its historical background like Japan (which I really love), it's just deeply rooted with so many arts. I'm not a credible person to talk about history but I guess those ancient Western explorers must have been really amazed by how artistic Asia has been during their visit and possibly brought with them a slice of Asia upon returning to their respective countries. So I believe that Asia has long been an inspiration and heart of the art realm since the beginning of time.


Honestly, it's a shame that I can't say much about my own country's art. But one thing I love about Philippines is its being diverse and open to so many ideas. It's the paradise for artists who wish to do more and not experience a hint of boundaries that would limit them to explore their own craft. I would say it still goes back to our history because we've been influenced by various cultures but, even though, we still managed to maintain our own identity as crafters. 


It's anywhere outside the four walls of your bedroom. It still depends on the artist though. For my photography, it would be somewhere isolated and rural. I'd love to go places where I think people have never been. Though I've never done this yet but it's always been my desire to go to places like the mountains of North Luzon where people's lives are pure and basic or even the so-called danger zone at the outskirts of Mindanao. I believe these people deserve to get their stories heard.

My name is Kevin Lendio, 23 years old. I'm currently in Ethiopia doing voluntary work at an institution and also helping out my sister and her family in doing missions here. I attended the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. It‟s where I had a formal introduction to photography as it was a part of our curriculum in Advertising Arts. But other than that, I did my own exploration. 

I was in high school when I got my first phone with a camera. It wasn‟t the best but I was amazed by the awesome feature it has which is the “macro” where I can sort of like imitate a DSLR blur effect in the background, you know, the depth of field. It just amazed me that I started taking photos of random things around the house like a basketball ring or a doorknob, or a fly on the table. So yeah, it was a fun and memorable start. Thanks to my late Samsung E590!

My center is always the people, life and culture. It's what I believe that makes this world beautiful. It's the same uniqueness of every country that drives people to buy a ticket and cross the seas. I take photos of moments and daily lives of people in every place that I've visited. It's the bona fide state of humans that really catches my fancy. I want to take photos of simple events that tell a bit of their story. 

Watching documentaries always inspire me. The boldness of international correspondents and visual journalists are like fuels that make me go “Just do it!” Photographers like Timothy Allen, Steve McCurry and Kevin Carter just to name a few of the many good photographers that I find very motivating.

It's just the funny thought that before I get to visit a new place, I always get warnings from people like “Hey Kevin, you should be careful. This place is dangerous...” and all that stuff. Like my first travel to Vietnam, people told me how angry and aggressive these Vietnamese could get (clearly I know where this imagery comes from – the Vietnam War). So I went anyway. Yet honestly, it got me afraid. Then I realised it was not true at all. In fact, it's where I got one of the best moments and friends I've had.

So it's the fear factor that other people or even you are trying to inject in your mind that could limit you to move forward. I learned that where there is fear, there is no love. You don't want to be that kind of artist who only picks the cherry. Go take that durian! We're supposed to be the ones to see the good in everything.


I'm praying to get back to school this year! Hoping to finally get the decision from a foreign university where I'll be taking Visual Journalism. It's nerve-racking and exciting! But yeah, it's worth the wait. I need this for a head start before moving on to the real game.

My ultimate goal as a photographer is to take that one shot that could change the world (haha). But to be realistic, I just want to get to that level of maturity where my photos could do more than just speak a thousand words but also move a thousand lives, or more.