The Modern Geisha

The Modern Geisha

I feel Asia's major role in fashion is plain advertising. In Asia, it is not so much on the art and storytelling but its more about how do you sell the brand in a commercial way. The fashion scene in my country tilts towards fashion commercial.

A good place to seek inspiration I would say is NYC, as most of the direction comes from NYC.

I'm mostly self taught but i did learn a fair bit from my photography master. It started by pure chance: from a simple test shoot for 2 of my korean model friends which led to me doing more photoshoots. However, my interest actually only peaked 1 and half year after that shoot.

My style: Raw, sensual, moody.

ultimate goal as a fashion photographer

  1. To be a celebrity photography like Chen Man.
  2. To do an photo biography (More of like a journey, her route to stardom) for a good friend of mine (artiste).


To experience, to learn and to grow. Not just as a photographer but as a creative.

Photographer Tse-Wei IG @tseweivisualartist

Stylist Gabby Gabbana

Hair & MUA Ryan Tan

Model Yumika Hoskin

All Clothes: Archival Pieces from Lasalle College of the Arts