American Twist

AMERICAN TWIST, with model Daniel Calderon, is an editorial inspired by tennis and fashion. It was an exchange of ideas by Jo Herrera and Ramon Benitez. 

Originally, the plan was to shoot outdoors but weather wasn’t cooperating. They returned back to the studio and opted for a more minimal concept.


Getting into the fashion industry, Jo Herrera (42) started as a make-up artist studying make-up and theatrical characterisation in Tanzola Art Institute at the Teatro General San Martin. His interest in photography all started when he did the make-up for an actress - who at that time was starring for a play with her husband as the photographer. The amazement of witnessing a shoot, where you see the magic happen and the outcome, made him curious about photography.

Herrera then solidified his interest and took a photography course at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and later on in Oquio – both located in Buenos Aires. He assisted and observed the techniques and personal approaches of several fashion photographers who, later on, helped him develop his own unique style in photography.

Working with photographers, make-up artist and stylists from different countries such as Colombia, Chile and France, has helped him become more passionate and driven in improving his craft. 

“Im lucky to have worked with different people with different tastes – I see that as an advantage to everyone in the team.”


Sensual Innuendo Body, with model Severiano ofUniverse Management, is Jo’s favorite photo he made so far in his career. It is a display of an intense view of the model and a product. He explains:

“Viewing point, you can start both left or right without overpowering the visual balance of the shot”.


Photography // Styling

Jo Herrera


Daniel Calderon


Ramon Benitez