Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees

I'm 28. I do Graphic Design and I love corporate branding. I live in Busay and that's part of the main reason why I don't get out much. I think I've always been artistically inclined as a child and experimented on different media. I loved drawing tall houses and life lines and making dolls with names like Butchcon and making all kinds of traps.

I still don't really know what to call what i do. Contemporary? All I know is that I just make things from that dark room with a flashlight on. If there's one word I can call my works (illustrations, photography and paintings), it's honesty. It takes a lot of practice, it takes a lot of swallowing.

ON 'The birds and bees'

We are all sexual beings. It's just a matter of honesty and I thought I was an honest person until I was faced with myself and that's when all these came out of me. I was told to tone it down but I look at them and I think art without a cause is what's offensive and even more with the lack of open-mindedness. We need more networking here. Please!


All art is quite useless, said Oscar Wilde. Yes and No. Art is not for everyone to appreciate or understand. Art just hopes to be and that takes a lot of work. The future belongs to those willing to get their hands dirty and not just with paint but with handshakes. Cebu is growing and I think i'm growing with it. My hands are quite dirty now.

My personal motto? "always be the better person" Not a better artist or better friend or better son or daughter or partner but a better person with kindness for even the unlikely of people. Kindness is harder than you think.