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We came across Aart Verrips first through instagram and thought his works go parallel with the image of BLNC – young, fresh, creative and risky. Through his own words, he would describe his style as different, edgy and super editorial – and we can’t agree more.

Pastry chef turned photographer/videographer Aart Verrips, had major life dilemma on career change before carving a name in fashion photography and videography. Growing up in Durban, Aart moved to France to develop and pursue a successful career in culinary.  Along the way, he met a young girl named Sylvia Ponce who first introduced him to photography. He then moved back to Cape Town, with his first DSLR, working, as a pastry chef for 3 years - only to find out cooking wasn’t his passion after all. Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, his introduction to photography started with capturing landscapes and everyday life happenings. Finally, he moved to Johannesburg where he marks his spot as one of the most promising fashion photographers of the city. 


I did a shoot for one of my designer friend’s lookbook - Nao Serati. The photos turned out great I just had to do a portrait series but also I wanted to do something different - something not a lot of people have seen before. I found young and talented Russian illustrator, Adam Abel on social media and wanted to work with him. This was the outcome of our collaboration.

The one thing that I would never forget about this shoot is what we did with the hair and makeup. We created an old school feel with painting the hairlines with black paint and also made the faces look as if they just got out a fight hence the black and blue makeup on the cheeks and lips. It is very subtle but yet amazing. Also the one boy we covered in complete glitter was actually filled with rainbows of color.

I prefer photography more as its more controlled and I’m very OCD when it comes to work, which I probably developed while working as a chef as I’ve learned how to work with time and how to handle pressure. Don’t confine yourself to just jobs that pay. All of my extraordinary shoots are from the shoots I’ve done without payment. You can create amazing images and work with an amazing team of creative minds as one is not confined to keeping it clean and safe but creating something different that sets you apart from other photographers. "Shoot at every opportunity you get".

Aart Verrips is currently working on his own book.



Aart Verrips


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