This story was specifically aiming to bring light to androgynous, non-binary individuals by giving them a safe place to be inspiring.

The representation of marginalized people in fashion is something that we need to see more of in the industry and so through my work I hope to start that revolutionary process. 

Through this shoot I ended up meeting a ton of new people and each person taught me something new about self-acceptance, personality, and friendship. I feel really lucky to have worked with the people I did. 


The editorial is called Infinite Unbound and came about through the idea that if I could use individuals who were already androgynous and make them into genderless and non-race-specific "aliens," so to speak, then I could also remove the details society tends to turn into stigmas. I wanted to create an elevated being who was beyond being touched politically, who was somehow an example for what we should all be. 

Through my inability to see and love myself clearly I have learned how to give unconditional, open-hearted love. As an artist I would still say that being unconditionally open-hearted is my most important, biggest strength. 


Currently I am putting together several shoots that stretch boundaries around topics that are traditionally "female" such as lingerie or wedding dresses. Fashion photography is going to give me the opportunity to work for myself, travel, and have a family while still changing an industry and the way it affects people. That's just the nature of a fashion image. 


I love that images created through photography have the ability to affect change on a person's perception of themselves, of history, or a singular moment? My goal as a photographer is just to make sure that that change is a positive one. 

What would you say is your signature style? I do not think that I have one yet, necessarily, although I can say my images will always be focused around subjects that aren't commonly represented in the fashion industry. I want my 'style' to be one that gives people a place to be true to who they are. 

There will be time to murder and create, and time for all the works and days of hands that lift and drop a question on your plate; Time for you and time for me,
— T.S. Eliot