Many Faces I Wear

This editorial represent a new direction in my work. It is the fresh and new version of what I have been trying to accomplish since I first started shooting. It shows my true creative side. It lets me showcase my talent in creating sets and imagery that is unconventional. 

The idea came from a dream. I had no idea if it would actually come together, however I took a leap a faith and it came together. The editoral was created to showcase a clash between art and fashion. The art being the paintings on the hat and the set itself. The less is more fashion helps bring it all to life. 

I think my biggest strengths are lighting and retouching. Both are things that I have studied extensively. I am currently working on rebuilding my book, starting with some new beauty and swimwear shoot. I love to capture women in the most regal and beautiful way possible. 

"Prevention is better than cure"

-that is what I live by.