Bad Reputation

This editorial represents a part of who I am. I was going for a rocker/grunge effect, and that’s how I identify myself as a person. I wanted to bring a huge part of who I am into this shoot, which helped me style and pose the models I photographed. 


I think watching myself grow as a photographer over the past 8 years. I recently looked back at the photos I produced in middle school, and it was amazing to see how I progressed since then. I used to photograph my friends in abandoned houses and now I am photographing agency models in beautiful studios.


I am extremely outgoing, friendly, funny and creative. I think outside the box and that helps a lot with coming up with ideas for shoots. I like doing things that other people haven’t done before. I like standing out- not just with photography, but also in society.


I love that 500 people can shoot the same picture but one person’s might look different from another’s because everyone has different artistic visions. I also enjoy that photography has countless possibilities when it comes to shooting. Also the freedom you have- you can be as creative as you want to be.


When you start out as a photographer- shoot everything. A lot of photographers will tell you the opposite. However, I believe this is the most effective way to learn and grow. If you photograph all genres of photography (i.e commercial, landscapes, fashion, headshots, fine art) you become well rounded, which comes in handy if you become a freelance photographer or if you are on a job interview. It looks better and I believe brings in more money and customers if you can photograph multiple genres of photography vs someone who only shoots one area. Also once you have been photographing multiple areas of photography for a while, you will discover which genre you enjoy the most.