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BLNC pay tribute to one of its contributors for this issue, Joelle Aseka, a fashion and beauty photographer based in Switzerland who passed away while the production of this issue was on going. We sat down with Christine, her mother, to know more about the amazing life that Joelle lived.

I love this very early photo of Joëlle. She took it at a beautiful place at the river with a friend posing as a model. I'm a nature lover, so I love very much how she captured the atmosphere of this special place.

She was a photographer at the beginning of her career. As she hadn't been able to find a place to learn photography, (we have only very limited possibilities here), she started to learn by herself. She found her knowledge on the internet, especially by watching workshops on It was beautiful for me to see her do what she loved. Sometimes her perfectionism made things difficult for her. And at times it was not easy to stay around her before a shooting, as she was often in a bad mood before leaving the house. 

She started to have interest in the field at the age of maybe 13. Then she took her camera to school and made pictures of her collegues. She also started to use photoshop and try things out.

But her interest in fashion started at a very early age, maybe around the age of 3. It's difficult for me to describe her style. What I see or feel, when I look at her pictures is beauty, light, warmth, sensibility, rafinesse, perfection and a female touch. What touches me most about her pictures is the love I feel shining through. 

She loved to shoot female models and mostly fashion and beauty. It was just her main interest.

She was a nerd, always connected to the internet and working on layouts or editing sites. An other passion was music and dance. During the last years she became a huge kpop fan and was interested in everything korean. She started to learn the language and prepared for a longer stay in South Korea.

Another passion I should not forget is food. Food was a main theme in her daily life and she was a real gourmet with a very refined sensation of taste.

As a little child, Joëlle was very radiant and outgoing, but later things changed and she became more shy and introverted. Joëlle was a very sensitive person and at the same time a person who knew exactly what she wanted. She was more the leader type, with many people admiring her, but only a few real friends. Life wasn't always gentle with her, she had to fight a lot to follow her passion and often times start things over and over again. Many times she was desperate and felt very much alone. 

I was there by her side to protect her light and not allow her flame to go out. And she did the same for me. We were a team, different as personalities, but with the same perception of life, encouraging each other to move forward living our dreams.

I would love her to be remembered as a person who did everything to follow her passion. It was so normal for her that we have to do the work we love to be happy. I think she was ahead of her time, a person rooted in the future. 

I feel that she is doing the same things in the other dimension now, preparing a new time and encouraging everyone who is following his dreams to finally make this world a better place with more beauty, joy and love.

-Christine Aseka, april 2016


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