Color Play

The work that we do can be amazing to some and basic to others and the judgment of a jury can be more negative than positive in a creative person's career.

I've always been interested in photography though I was focusing on my artistic career at first. When I started to do body painting, I had to constantly rely on photographers to take pictures of my work. I realized that for every shot I had to explain what i wanted to the hired photographer then to the model and it was slow and not fun so I bought a camera (Nikon D3100) and I watched a 1 hour Youtube tutorial to learn about manual settings, then I started to do some photo shoots straight away.

I like the pressure.


- I would say Artistic Fashion.

I like to create, without boundaries. My favorite tool is my camera. But I like to use anything available, from spray cans and brushes top paint in the streets to liquid latex, body paints and foam for body art and building props and sets.

I like to build a set for my shoot, then paint or do some type of prop on the model then take the pictures. If I could be known for something, it would be that: "the man that creates with anything"

I love to learn and find out how things work. I will learn everything I can about a tool or technique, all the rules and what your are supposed to do, then learn how to break those rules to create outside the box and hopefully produce work that is different to others.

I LOVE Art nude, it's by far one of my favorite styles. It is so complex yet so simple. Your model isn't wearing anything so there isn't anything distracting, but at the same time there is such a fine line between an artistic shot and a pornographic one. I also really like some tasteful pornographic work from other photographers, but personally I like to keep it artistic as though I was sculpting the model with clay by directing her in certain positions and shooting from the right angles, using natural or artificial light(s) as a tool. I don't shoot a lot of male nudes because I find the female form more interesting, but it's good to do both.

I wanted to create something with colors, I wasn't too sure what. I thought with Lydia it would be nice to have a sleek and strong look using reflections lights and shadows because she's such a versatile model, she can go from very sweet and innocent to powerful and strong. And because I already explored the sweet look with her, we did something different. This one was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

First I set up the 2 flashes with 8 different color gels but the light kept leaking so I had a lot of white light on the walls that needed adjusting. Once the set up was done Lydia was covered in baby oil to maximize the reflections and bounce the colors. The final images are pretty much-unedited jpegs. After that it was all about getting Lydia to pose comfortably while being nude yet not revealing her nudity.

I'm going to paint 2 murals in the Philippines, meet my (new found) cousin in America, do a fashion shoot in Paris and do an Alice in wonderland shoot in London, as well as doing more acting. My current clients keep re-hiring me because they know that whatever the brief, problems and difficulties, I will find a way to make it work.



Olivier Roubieu


Lydia Rafferty Flynn