Game On

The theme we were going for this particular editorial was related to sports, with a mixture of casual apparel and appeal. Paul dela Merced, the stylist I was collaborating with, actually came up with the concept.


While we were shooting, we decided to go for a more pop of colour, which included the usage of vibrant backgrounds and painted walls. We actually headed to an industrial area for this photoshoot, however we decided to base the looks on a backdrop of different coloured walls as the location had a bit too many things going on. The images ended up being pretty awesome, though I did find it ironic that you would not be able to tell that it was shot at an industrial area at all. One memorable thing about the shoot was that we got chased off one of the locations because it was a private building, but we quickly did a shoot there nonetheless - those shots are the ones with the blue metal sheet panels.

I'm currently studying for my Bachelor Degree in Design Communication over at LASALLE College of the Arts, which also happens to be where I started getting into photography. It was only during my final assignment for my photography classes last 2014 at LASALLE for my basic photography class that I decided to take a leap into doing something more towards fashion, and this was where I shot with my first ever male model and basically where my passion for fashion photography started.

I considered myself to be more of the creative sort - I actually studied interior design prior to design communication and I've been searching for a passion that could be turned into a career for a long time, hence when I found photography, it actually took me by surprise. I instantly fell in love with photography after that, and I've been shooting ever since. It's been a pretty crazy yet awesome journey so far for me as a fashion photographer, but I'm definitely just getting started.

I've just only started being a fashion photographer for about a year, I'm still trying to find my signature style and whatnot, though of course I feel that I shouldn't be limited to a certain style and it'll be better to be fluid in order to be really creative.

Being a fashion photographer in Singapore is actually a pretty interesting experience. The fashion scene over here is still pretty small and tamed; hence there are times when it can get quite quiet over here. I do also like to explore the variety of locations around Singapore as well.

I love to create this sense of mystery when it comes to the location and surprise people when they realize it was taken in Singapore.

Before I got into fashion photography, I started with food photography and food blogging. It actually became a hobby of mine to go into cafehopping and I even started a hashtag on Instagram for my food antics #SuchAFatty. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I decided to start a food blog to document my experiences of the cafe scene in Singapore with that same name. Unfortunately, I've recently shelved my blog as I've decided to focus more on my fashion photography, though I do still continue my food reviews on my second Instagram account instead @SuchAFattyy.

One quote by Confucius has always been stuck in my mind and I tend to follow it religiously

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

I'm not sure if that's considered as advice but I find it extremely important when it comes to fashion photography or pretty much whatever I choose to do.


I think that's the most important thing when it comes to fashion photography. It's a drive that constantly keeps me going and there are even times where I'll drop everything else in favour of a photoshoot.


Jeremy Holden


Paul dela Merced


Dalius Rybko, AVE-Mgt Singapore