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21 years old student of Zhejiang Sci-Tech university, Lolli Chen, is a fashion design major. Last year, he went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York as an exchange student. He's the photographer of One More Animal,was top 4 competitor of the competition “Lets Shooting” at the age of 19, worked with clothing brands like CHRIS, HOOSTYLE,HS&TOP,BEST ONE,Masking Jocker and online fashion brand HooSunDry.

Lolli Chen is starting his own clothing brand “Illusory FIlli ”with partner Fiki.

These photos were the lookbook for the brand HS&top,and the clothes designer was Fiki. The model(Anna) is Russian. I remember the silk waving one, we had three girls to wave that silk on the asphalt. The weather was really good that day but too hot especially on the asphalt and Anna had to walk forward and face to the camera at the same time,play herself with the silk. The moment the wind blow up,it was just amazing. I couldn’t catch the amazing scene by the camera,I just couldn’t,because what you really saw was much more beautiful than the picture.

I totally fell in love with fashion photography because of America's Next Top Model when I was 16 years old, then i started shooting. In the beginning,my models were my friends. I didn’t have a camera then,all photos taken by phones. In my first year of university,I had my first camera,I bought that from a second-hand market in Hong-Kong,and my works started to get recognised online.


”show the peoples feelings through your pictures.”

My photography style is more like “story telling”. My favorite thing to shoot was my ex boyfriend. We fell in love with each other in New York last year. He was a super shy Italian - my first love but his friends didn’t even know he had a boyfriend,cause he was straight with his friends. We broke up and I went back to China.  After that, I did not pick up the camera taking pictures for several months.


Lolli Chen

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