Teenage Angst

Teenage Angst is the editorial that portrays the emotions of a teenager. That age where hormones are going crazy and emotions sometimes cannot be explained and repressed. In the editorial the facial expression can be seen as "angry" but yet, not all the way, bottled up inside, ready to explode. 

I’ve learned the importance of the "ambient" and the importance of the location. Normally I would work in a studio, this worked challenged me to work with the natural light, which is different from the fixed and controlled lighting of a studio. Also, in this editorial I had a chance to work with a different team of stylists, which changed my art direction into something that is "new" and "fresh." 

My name is Jiraphong "Bank" Srijunyanont. My friends call me Gascyl. I'm 24 and I am a photographer based in Bangkok. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design at Suansunandha Rajabhat University.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Getting into photography was an accident.

I borrowed my friend's camera and my friend from the fashion department saw that I had skill and thought I can take decent photographs so she asked me to take photos for her collection. And of course, it wasn't the best editorial, but it was the first start. Then, I bought my first camera since one year ago and started on this career.

Others may see my work as "dark."

Meaning both the tone and the concept. I agree to what they say to a certain extent. My work has a hint of violence and sadness mixed with bottled up anger, which comes across in most of the photo sets I create. 

Believe it or not, in Bangkok there is so much young talent. Very young photographers make their way up to photographing covers and editorials of international magazines both inside and outside the country. It is difficult to enter the industry. It is sort of like a clique, a prestigious group that not all photographers can join...

...But once you are in you sort of belong to the "popular" group. In this group everybody knows each other in a "friend-enemy" way. The competition is high. But for me, that could be seen as the good side because it will always make me want to develop myself and to not stop working and doing more test shoots to keep my name in the industry. It’s a very fast industry.

I find that most of my inspiration comes from cinema, and listening to music. Sometimes, one second in a movie scene can inspire a whole editorial idea or even one sentence from a song lyric. You can see that most of the title of my editorial comes from song lyrics or names of songs that I listen too.

“The value of your work, is not measured by the price of your instrument, but rather the impact of your work to others"

All the works you see were not taken by a full-frame camera or even a high-end expensive camera because honestly I cannot afford it.

But a senior photographer told me not to despair and keep on creating with what I have. This gave me the drive to keep on fighting with what I have.

IG: @jiraxgascyl / FB: JIRA.photography / jiraxgascyl.com


Jiraphong Srijunyanont


Paween Numnaree


Ramunus Bingelis & Konstantin Vasiliev / Bass Model MGT. 


Karn Punbua

Make up

Thunyarut BarommawongpaisaN


Therawat Kiettimongkol