La Llorona

Rebeka Elizegi (Artistic name: RBKcollage), 49 years old, I was born in Donosti (Basque Country – Spain). Nowadays I'm located in Madrid, but really I'm living and working between Madrid and Barcelona.

I studied graphic design in the Massana School, in Barcelona. I have worked for 20 years in the world of graphic design, publishing and illustration, but for some years ago, I'm dedicating more and more time to collage, to my personal expression and my artistic work.

I have dedicated many years to working with this technique. I always work manually: I like the scissors, glue, and the exploration of various materials. At the moment I'm working in small, medium and large format, but always applying handmade collage techniques.

The female figure is largely the central focus of my work. I also work on the idea of generic diversity, always with surrealistic language, and allowing total freedom of interpretation to the observer.


I think that my interest about collage, drawing, graphic design, began at the moment I was born. When I was a child, my most fun game was to draw, cut-and-paste and create my own paper and cardboard toys. Along all my live I do the same.


"I prefer to be described by others, I express myself better with images ..." - Rebeka Elizegi


All the artistic projects and exhibitions are important for me. But what I most value, is to be able to dedicate myself professionally and work day by day in this; is the more important for me.


To provoke a personal and critical look at the observer of my work. That's why I like to work in a surreal language and allow total freedom of interpretation for the observer. I like people to think for themselves, to have their own opinion about what they observe.



La Llorona is a very special project that I did after my trip to Mexico.

In the summer of 2015 I visited in Mexico City my friend Ismael Rosales, a photographer who lives in this city for some years ago. From this trip was born the collaboration between us.

I wanted to make a series about Mexican women; like a visitor I wanted shape the feelings that this country of extreme contrasts produced in me about these women. I requested  Ismael to photographed 10 Mexican women, and over these portraits, I did the collages. The series is inspired in the Mexican legend of La Llorona.

Like all my work, this series has been exclusively  handmade, without digital intervention or redimensioning, using the classic collage technique, cuting and pasting graphic material extracted from printed media of different times and places. The original pieces have a measurement of approximately 50x70 cm.

My last exhibition was in the gallery “La Isla”, in Madrid, and some pieces of this series still are available on sale in the gallery.

Collaboration with another artist, with a photographer in this case, was very enriching for me. I would like to collaborate with other authors in the future.


On the one hand I see it very well, because nowadays there are many young artists with very interesting proposals and there are also many platforms (especially online) to publicize and share art. But on the other hand, it's difficult to live in art, since many opportunities for publication or work proposals are without fee, and therefore, many artists stop creating because they can't live of their work.


The purely artistic scene is stronger in Madrid, there are more artistic opportunities, more galleries and art fairs, and yet the scene around the design is more advanced in Barcelona. That is why I believe that for an artist it is very important not to be alone in a city or a country, but to take the better and learn from different places.

In the past I have lived temporarily in Berlin and elsewhere, and it has always been very interesting for my work. For me would be ideal to change city and country more often, but this is not easy, work and life style doesn't always allow it ...


I find inspiration in life, in the street, in the people I see and know. The female figure is largely the central focus of my work. I also work about the question of the generic diversity. Especially I'm interested in people who lead alternative lives and who go beyond the established norm; I am interested in what is “different”, “alternative”, “queer” ...


I don't know who is more relevant in general for the public or society ... An artist that interests me a lot is JR, and in the world of fashion, Irina Dzhus, with her singular style. And all the small designers and artists who work far from the big trends, creating their own style and faithful to their identity.

Keeping the passion and desire to learn. Socrates already said “The only thing I know is that I know nothing”, this is my way.