Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna

I am Emmanuel Gariando Dador but my friends call me Emman/Mawi. I am an Aeronautical student. I always dreamed of becoming a pilot and travel the world. Recently i joined Ginoong Leyte 2017 and got the first runner up title.


Modeling has always been my passion. I was discovered on social media when a photographer in Cebu asked me for a photoshoot.


Well singing is everything to me. Whatever mood im in i always sing. I joined several contest when i was younger it helped to develop my talent.


Well right now im open in any possibilities  I'm currently studying so i need to focus for my future. I feel so blessed that i can be able to pursue whats for me.


Imagine wearing triple coat under the scorching heat of the sun! That was not easy haha but i enjoyed it so much. Its been quite a while since i did my last shoot but my best (Juan Carlos Miguel/ Migs) photographer gave me so much energy and positive vibes in order for me to give and get the perfect shot.


I never imagined myself myself joining pageants. The thing is i hate swimwears exposing myself to public. But i get to realized that i have to expand my horizons and let myself in,  whatever it takes. It really did push me harder to become better. I met a lot of new friends (my co candidates) I actually miss them.

I constantly  remind myself that i should always strive in whatever path ill take. This would not be possible without the Help of our Almighty God.


Photographed and Styling by : Miguel Alomajan @migotilyomanila

Model: Emman Dador of Wafer Models 

Location: Leyte Capitol, Tacloban