Masha Zabiiako. 21 years old. I'm living in Russia, Saint Petersburg. Photography is my own passion


I began to take interest in photography as a young man. It all started with an interest in modeling, I then worked in a local agency. I grew up in this environment, the interest grew, the taste developed. I gradually moved on the other side of the lens - it seemed to me, I see a little wider than what the photographers around me are trying to capture. In 18 years I bought myself the cheapest camera, which, by the way, I use until now. It seems to me that the technique is not as important as it is attached to it. It seems to me, it is possible to photograph sharply on the sneakers, the main thing is to apply imagination and have a vision.


Weird, ironic, sarcastic, honest


I was very lucky with the team. Lera is my muse. She is the same person who begins to act even before I say what needs to be done, so shooting with her is my favorite.


To tell something concrete, in my opinion - boring. But for me the most valuable fact is that I organize the shooting myself from and to. This is, sometimes, really difficult, but otherwise complicated, because I rarely find my like-minded people who understand me from a half-word



I stay in search of like-minded people. I want to organize more global projects, which, at the moment, need support. That's all I can say now


I deserve to be independent, to have my audience, which will understand my vision comprehensively. I dream to work with holistic and truly understanding people who really understand how vast and versatile fashion and art are. I think only in such conditions I will feel that I have achieved something as a photographer.


Tired, Free and independent


We are trying to imitate European and American cultures, which is sad, because Russia has an insane potential for creativity, I feel that it has some unique inimitable feature: sad, naive, vulnerable, different from the other world. So far, few Russian artists have learned to see it and use it correctly. Someday this potential will unfold and it will be a completely different era, I see and feel it. While we simply exist in the reality of a globalizing world, this is not bad, it's just a given.

"Where do you look for fashion inspirations?"

That’s funny: once upon a time I took a part on one local competition. In  judgement was a man – photographer, who asked me the same question. It was 3 years ago, on that time my answer sounded like “I making it by my own. I don't need somebody to be inspired”. He kicked me out of the competition. Passed a couple of years and he saw my photos on the Internet. He liked them so much that he tells me about his photos in photography (he teaches photographs) about me and puts me as an example as a photographer.

This story is like a preface to the idea that for inspiration, sometimes it is enough to open our eyes wider and see the irony, hysteria, absurdity of the surrounding reality. And then - just capture it.


Fashion is spherical, multifaceted and interconnected. You can go out in the house with slippers, curlers and a sweatshirt from second-hand, and the next day it's the most recent trend. People quickly grasp the new, they are open to everything, as I said - the fashion is tired, we seem to have seen everything and are ready for anything. Designers create completely wild, sometimes, things, but it's cool, it catches, excites. It's something for which we all in this business - to stir people's minds, to break and admire.

"Everything happens for a reason"


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