Nina Eiisa Villanueva | Age: 25 | Based in Manila, Ph | Graduated from Enderun Colleges in 2014 with a degree in Entrepreneurship | Studied photography in 2016 at Instituto Marangoni in Milan & Paris | Have been pubished in publications such as Style Weekend and Elegant Magazine.  

When it comes to shooting fashion, my style embraces simplicity and understated elegance. In shooting portraits, I believe that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made so I aim to bring out the best in my subjects and make them feel and look their best.


The inspiration behind this shoot is freedom in style in street wear. I’ve been wanting to do something that veers away from the norm so I decided to do a shoot with a remix of high end street wear instead of the usual urban/hip hop influences. I wanted to show street fashion is liberating as it can be used to freely express not only one’s style but also personality and even mood.


I wanted the shoot to feel free so I experimented with angles and backgrounds that you wouldn’t really use if this were a different type of shoot. I thought the change in perspective would add a nice touch to the concept and styling.


I would say one of my great achievements, as a photographer as well as an entrepreneur would be opening my studio in Makati though I would say the “greatest” achievement yet still has to come.


Continue serving my clients ensuring that they get the best service and treatment I can offer. Shooting and learning from my experiences. Continuing to grow as an artist and improve my skills and knowledge in the craft. Teaching and imparting knowledge to the other young and aspiring artists.

"Keep God first. Making God a priority in my life hasn’t only given me faith to hope for better things but also strength to overcome the challenges and obstacles that come my way. He keeps me grounded and focused."


isn’t just about trends and fads but more of an expression of personal style and individuality as well as our response to our surrounding environment.


Filipinos are very creative in expressing their personality through style and fashion. Here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons (summer and monsoon season) and because beaches are so accessible, we embrace flip flops, swimsuits, shorts and all things summer fashion.

When it comes to rainy days, a little layering and light sweaters and jackets looks fashionable yet provides the right amount of coverage fro the tropical winds and rain. I think the fashion scene here in the Philippines is also largely influenced by street and urban style especially in the city.

Shot by Nina Eilisa Villanueva of ENVY Creatives @itsninaeilisa
Makeup by Xeng Zulueta @xengzulueta

Hair by Dorothy Mamalio  @sunkissedbonita

Styling by Matt Panes @mttppanes

Assisted by Von Villalon  @vpvillalon