I am Arai Moleri, 29 years old based in Montevideo, Uruguay. I am self-taught in photography, although I studied related things, I am an industrial designer and studied three years of fine arts. I also did retouching courses for fashion and beauty.

My interest began when I was a little girl, at 6 years I had my first Kodak camera, then at 18 I started to experiment with a zenit analog also and at 20 I started doing my first works in fashion, I was doing faculty of industrial design and I shared some subjects with students of fashion, so I began to take pictures for of those students, then at 23 I was hired as cameraman for the first stop motion film that was made in Uruguay, that was my great school of photography , and i was one year working on that film, at the same time I continued doing fashion jobs.


My style is varied, and changes from time to time - like me, it is difficult to describe a single style because it depends on what we seek to achieve with the client, besides that, I do not dedicate myself to fashion photography, I also do architecture that I like so much, food photography, jewelry, object design, etc.

In my personal work lately it could be described as a oniric style, where I seek to generate appearances of places and elements known but with changes that make it can not be completely real, seeking a state of total consciousness, dream.

I am also working on an artistic project with the Collective Licuado (, they paint figurative murals around the world, and I make the previous photos on which they are based to paint the murals, this may be one of the projects that has most motivated me lately.


"A process of suggestion in which the person unconsciously supplies or consciously attempts to supply the means of influencing his own behavior or beliefs"

For the photography I was inspired by the dance, the postures, the forms of the body.


I do not have a final objective, for the time being I am mainly interested in working with creative, authentic, interesting and innovative people, perhaps my objective is to be able to keep on meeting more people of this type.

Over time I have learned that my main objective has to be that way - enjoy it, build it, learn from it and let it surprise me. Some years before when I put final goals, I did not enjoy the road very much and after achieving the goal I felt desactivated in relation to the subject, so I've been working on enjoying the way, I think it's been a good change in my life.

" I am a huge mixture of many areas in which I have interests."

I believe that nowadays according to my vision it becomes increasingly important the manifestation of a unique personality, beyond the tendencies. I value the people who through the fashion manage to express their personality differing from the rest, also having criteria to the hour - to choose to consume, respecting our environment, retrying, reusing, consuming sustainable or recycled fashion.



The fashion scene in Uruguay has changed a lot in recent years, and is growing in great strides. It is not easy for a tiny country in Latin America with only 3 million of habitants to draw attention in the world, often lacking resources, money, materials. But I think that has also played in favor, and adversities have generated fighters, creative and conscious designers of what they do. There is a lot of talent here.

In addition to the local designers and brands have grown events in relation to fashion, interesting things are happening, for example events such as mondesign, slow fashion entrepreneurs, local brands that design and produce in Uruguay, such as Pastiche, Telma, Majo Rey , Srta. Peel, Vestale, Hómini, Nina Hauzer, Sarah Kosta, Black and Liberty, Sabrina Tach, Savia, Mutma, Mares, among others, a good place to find out what happens in Uruguayan fashion is



I usually follow the work of fashion photographers more than I do in specific fashion brands, the main places where I look at photographs are Pinterest and Instagram, I am also subscribed to some pages and brands that interest me, several from Uruguay, But also others such as Givenchy, Gucci, Kenzo, Clo, also magazines such as schon, nylon, vogue, flur...

"Human relations, good taste, nature, art, design, architecture, love, music, discover places, discover myself, All forms of life, those we can see and those we don`t see, enjoy the little and fantastic things of life.."

MAJO REY: @majoreylovesyou

Photography: Araí Moleri

Hair: Leo Cromo @cromohairock

MUA: Daiana Etchamendi para Cromo by Leo Mendez – Peluqueria Creativa

Model: Lia Hannay Dietrich @liahannay