New Pollution

Natasha Killeen 25 Sydney, Australia Currently working full time as a fashion and portrait photographer. Self taught


I have always been interested in the arts, mainly painting & illustration, despite this i ended up perusing a career science and finished a degree in Marine Science. Throughout that time i was randomly shooting here and there, after i graduated i felt that photography was something i would love to pursue, from there i kind of just went for it and shot every chance i had.


This shoot was a collaboration between myself and the amazing stylist, i was visiting interstate and wanted to do some editorials while i was in town. The shoot was inspired predominately by the amazing designs she pulled, the colours were contrasted with cities iconic museum and gardens.


Eclectic, dangerous & powerful with a touch of nostalgia.


Australia has a very unique aesthetic, its a flavourful mix of beach culture & wearability with a serious nod to current and past high fashion and couture. The fashion scene, is small but passionate, it cultivates and develops some amazing talent in its students and exports them to overseas fashion capitals.


My inspiration usually comes from people, anyone really, particularly people passing on the street. I also find great inspiration in locations, i love location scouting and basing entire shoots around magical spots i have found.


Oh this is a tricky one, I am really inspired by the cross over of art and fashion that is particularly prominent in recent collections. James Jean been one well known artist that dabbles both in fine art and high fashion, collaborating with Prada on several collections. His work is very inspiring and gives way for a new breed of creative.

Photographer: Natasha Killeen @ahsatankilleen

Stylist: Kristina Wong @kristinaw.jpg

Model: Rosie Pride models



HMUA: Rob Povey @robpoveymua