I Know, I Knew

    Daria Amaranth (my creative alias). I live in Saint Petersburg, mostly I am self-taught but 2 years ago I took some photography classes. At the moment I haven't get any photography awards.

    My interest in photography in photography started about 4 years ago, but I got into photography with a sense that I really needed it in 2015. First I took some street and documentary photographs but then I understood that staged photography is the closest one to me, I like to create a unique story with a lot of feelings in it.


   I think visually my style is a mixture of sensual and dramatic fine art and fashion elements, some vintage hints and something bizarre and extravagaint in a way. I like to create everything that is far from objective reality but at the same time something very close to a heart.


I follow my intuition, I also find a lot of inspirtion in cinematography, painting, literature, and a lot from my imagination, so mostly it's a combination of everything that reflects my inner reality.

"it's always an intimate story about something very complicated and simple in its own way at the same time." (on I Know, I Knew)

Insects are often present in my works and they are also part of this world - sometimes in a symbolic and metaphorical way. They help me to plunge into this imaginary world where all my stories take place.


  My participation in the portfolio review during PhotoVogue Festival which was held in Milan last year, it was amazing experience.


   I would like to create more complex works, to study the world of mysteries, feelings and emotions in a  more complicated way and reflect it in my photography


The most important thing is to be true to my vision and try to implement it in every work I create. And it would be great to see my works in a big gallery or museum one day.