Everything you see from me is actually a painting, as opposed to collage. Most people think it’s a collage lol. I’ve been an artist since birth but I started my collage-styled paintings back in 2012. It sort of just happened organically, as I was at a point in my career where I wanted to find a specific style I could birth and own. After the reception of the first painting, I knew I had something special. From there I focused my full attention on developing my style and showing in as many galleries as possible.


I’ve developed a distinct collageinfluenced painting style (Vanity Pop) that fuses elements of cubism, photorealism, fashion design and pop surrealism into vibrant, alluring portraits. While most viewers assume they’re viewing collage or mixed media art, each creation is in fact meticulously hand painted directly on canvas.


They’re all amazing to me so it’s hard to say one achievement has changed my career. Every single opportunity is a blessing and collectively they help me grow my brand as an artist. I can say I’m currently in the biggest feature show of my career at La Luz De Jesus Gallery. They’re one of the most important galleries in LA and are known for birthing the lowbrow & pop surrealism movements; so it’s a huge deal! The show just opened July 7th so I’m beyond excited about that achievement!


Any exciting plans in the future? My current feature show just opened and is on display through July 30th. I have 3 big shows (including one with Vans) coming up in August and have a few amazing secret projects in the works. I’m also really excited about EXO’s (K-Pop act) new album dropping soon. I’m a music producer as well as a visual artist and my company is doing a lot of incredible things in Asia! The best way to stay in the loop with my future is by following me on social media. I’m @Vakseen everywhere!


I want to grace as many homes/walls as possible. I want to see my work in museums. I want the love and support from the people, as well as the respect of the “art world”. As for my actual art, I only hope to be fortunate enough to produce work that consistently ignites discussion, captivates the senses and most importantly, questions the importance we place on outer appearances.



I aim for my art to celebrate diversity and the acute imperfections and endless perfections that exist within every woman. Vanity Pop is a celebration of women, beauty, fashion, duality, insecurity and self preservation. With that foundation, My abstract portraits are a visual dialogue about our society’s idolization of beauty, the cosmetic enhancements endured to meet the status quo and the impact this has on popular culture.

I think the viewer’s experience is the most interesting aspect of my work. 95% of the time people just assume they’re viewing a collage. It’s not until you really get up close for examination or see a large crowd of people around my work that you actually realize everything is fully hand-painted. Even then, people still think my work is mixed media of some sort lol. So you have these beautiful portraits that you see and appreciate online or from a distance, but up close, in person they’re so much bolder and alluring. My work and art in general is truly meant to be experienced and appreciated in person.


art is anything created that makes people feel somesort of emotion.


Oversaturated & very diverse. VERY lol. I honestly feel like EVERYONE creates “art” these days lol and no matter what type of art you’re into, there’s going to be a local scene for it. I love the LA scene for that very reason. Obviously the scenes are bigger and more diverse in larger cities like LA, but art is big in pop culture so even the smaller cities thrive.


I get all of my inspiration from life, women, fashion, beauty and popular culture. I’ve always been fascinated by people, the things we do and how we’re influenced to do them.


VAKSEEN @vakseen